LOVE MauiGrown Coffee

MGC Company Store photo.jpg

Love is in the air at the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store in Lahaina where they’ve been featuring their special MauiGrown French Kiss™ and MauiGrown Golden French Kiss during the month of February.

Made from exceptional coffee varietals grown on the Ka`anapali Coffee Farms community in West Maui, both brews offer the ultimate indulgence for coffee connoisseurs.  

MauiGrown French Kiss™, a blend of 100% Maui Red Catuai variety of coffees, is a seductive, dark roast experience. French roasted and then kissed with medium and dark roasts of the same variety, MauiGrown French Kiss™ delivers a buttery full-bodied coffee with low acidity.

MauiGrown Golden French Kiss is a more mysterious dark roast experience. Made from 100% Maui Yellow Caturra variety of coffees, it is French roasted and kissed with medium and dark roasts. Subtle hints of allspice add a bit mystery. The coffee is also low in acidity.

Love is also in the roasting. MauiGrown Coffee roasts in Lahaina. Each of the two blends contains three different roast levels and each roast level brings out a different nuance of the coffee variety. Then the three different roasts, in different ratios, are combined to make for greater depth and body that lingers. The result is a one-of-a-kind MauiGrown Coffee experience. 

Throughout the year, MauiGrown Coffee Company Store has been fueling the public’s love affair with 100% MAUI Origin coffee and those who crave exceptional coffee grown on Maui have become their biggest fans.