Like fine winemakers who search for the perfect match between grape and growing conditions to turn an ordinary wine into one of the finest vintages in the world, so is our quest to produce a bountiful range of unique, distinctive, high quality coffees from the Ka‘anapali Estate. Our pioneering varietal research has enabled MauiGrown Coffee to match some of the finest Coffee arabica with the ideal growing conditions of the West Maui Mountains.

Located approximately 350 to 1,800 feet above sea level, this breathtaking estate is planted in hedgerow style with trees spaced 36 inches apart and 12 feet separating each row. The entire farm is drip irrigated from West Maui's fresh mountain streams, which feed the 100-year old ditch system formerly used by the sugar plantation. Puʻu Kukui, the second wettest spot in the world and highest peak in West Maui, stands guard above the gentle slopes of the Kaʻanapali Estate.

Coffee plants are harvested for their cherries once a year, starting around September. MauiGrown Coffee’s processing plant not only pulps and dries the parchment coffee, it also separates ripe from overripe and immature coffee cherries. Coffee is then sent through the dry mill for hulling, polishing and grading by size. What comes out of the dry mill is the result of 12 months of growing and bean maturation after flowering.


  • Maui Mokka® Natural ties for 1st place in Commercial Division – 2014 HCA Cupping Competition

  • MauiGrown Coffee’s Yellow Caturra scores a 90 in Ken David’s Coffee Review in March 2010. 

  • Maui Mokka® included as part of the signature coffee that won Peter Licata of Honolulu Coffee Co. The coveted #1 spot in the Western Region Barista Competition, February 2010.





On October 23, 2009, Kimo Falconer’s MauiGrown Coffee won the coveted Mayor’s Small Business Award for the category of small businesses with 10 or fewer employees. This prestigious award was established in 2004 to recognize outstanding small businesses in Maui County. Pictured on left: Kimo Falconer with wife Deirdre.