MauiGrown Coffee's Maui Mokka® Naturals make Top 10

We’re still celebrating! During the 21st Annual Conference and 8th Annual Statewide Cupping Competition held in Kona, July 13-15, MauiGrown Coffee’s Maui Mokka® Naturals made an impressive showing scoring in the Top 10 in this year’s Commercial Division.

 Hawaii roasters have embraced MauiGrown Coffee’s natural-processedcoffees from the get go.  MauiGrown’s natural-processed coffees have been dried inside the fruit rather than after the fruit has been removed (as is the case with conventional “washed” or wet-processed coffees). As natural-processed coffee methods are enjoying a boost in popularity – MauiGrown Coffee is thrilled to be amongst the award-winning coffees in the state of Hawaii.

MauiGrown Coffee’s Maui Mokka® Naturals are sold throughout Hawaii, on the U.S. Mainland, and in select international markets.